April 13th, 2012 | By Polypomp

Sex and Money – Spanish Prostitutes Boycott Bankers


Inara Serra, from Joss Whedon's Firefly

Welcome back to another installment of Courtgasm, sex and the law. The one time of your week where the law gets sexy, where powdered wigs meet hairless muffs, and double jeopardy is doubly penetrated. This week, Spanish prostitutes go on strike until banker’s fix the economy; you’ll need Google translate  to read that original post about the strike.

Calling it a strike is a bit of a misnomer: while the news is calling it is a strike, it’s really more of a boycott; they’re still serving other Johns, just not banking executives.

Regardless of whether it’s a strike or a boycott it is a true example of what sexually empowered women and unionized employees can do, and a case study on why The-Powers-That-Be fear womens empowerment and unions so much.

This isn’t the first time women have used sex as a weapon for good: the play Lysistrata, by the Greek playwright Artisophanes, tells of a woman who called on the women of Greece to withhold sexual favors from their husbands to pressure them into ending the Peloponnesian War. In the play, the women are mostly successful, though they do ignite a war of the sexes before eventual reconciliation.

Hopefully things go even better for the Spanish prostitutes union fighting with the rest of us in the underclass against tyrannical aristocracy of wealth and the abusive banking sector, the very asshats who got us into this mess.

In Spain, called the world capital of prostitutes by some, prostitution is not exactly legal (brothels are definitely not) , but it’s also not exactly illegal, unlike in Nevada and Amsterdam where it is actually legal. Nevada allows for the operation of brothels, under state regulation, on a county by county basis. Though highly regulated, Nevada is the only American state to allow legal prostitution in any form. If you’re considering a trip to Vegas, and you’re thinking about indulging in the sex industry while there, remember that only brothels are legal, other forms of sex work (like hooking) are still illegal.

In the Netherlands, prostitution has been legal since 1830. It has been unequivocally legal since the millennium. A new law passed in the year 2000 clearly makes prostitution a legitimate industry and subjects it to the same municipal regulations as any other business. The goal behind legalized prostitution is to protect minors, limit forced prostitution, and confront human trafficking. If you’re interested in what the sex industry is like in Japan, a good friend and fellow sex blogger recently went on a trip there, read all about her experiences and  “strawberry time” (whatever that is).

Though prostitution is only de facto (in fact) not de jure (in law) legalized, it is still legal enough for Spanish prostitutes to be unionized. This brings to mind memories of Inara from the show Firefly. Inara is a companion, a legal, high class escort, trained in school on music, dance, and numerous other skills. Companions are highly respected in the Firefly universe, seen as equals to the celebrities and politicians who consort with them.

Contrast this to America, where prostitution is largely illegal and without legal protection, and a man can rise to the peak of wealth and power, spend thousands of it on hookers and blow, beat a woman up, and become an Internet celebrity for his quirks. I look forward to a day where all sex work can be seen as the legitimate business it is; after all it is the oldest profession on earth.

Though I hardly fancy myself to be the type of a rich Wall Street banker, I stand with the fine ladies of Spain in solidarity. I too refuse to sleep with any bank executives, even if they are the finest puma in town and they are purring at my door. I don’t want a sugar mama badly enough to sell my soul.

NOTE: I am trying to think of a title for my column, the best I have right now is Courtgasm. If you have any suggestions please, send them my way. In the interim, you may notice random title-changing while I settle on something in the coming weeks.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=647823193 Alex Nmenski

     In many places, it’s the best way to make money (for women).

  • Modelesque

    Courtgasm is a swell name ;) I like it. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christina-Sharp/100000611847302 Christina Sharp

    Interesting! I always thought that prostitution was legal in Spain like it is in Nevada and Amsterdam.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=566154744 Jayden Sarrael

     There are way more prostitutes in Spain and Europe than here in North America I find. Well that’s good for them! Stand up for their beliefs and rights.

  • Parametrises

    Stupid nanny government, telling us what we can and cannot do with our own bodies.  Prostitution is a lot safer and cleaner where it is legal.  It’s going to happen whether it’s legal or not.  You’d think the president and congress would have figured that out by now.  

  • Frankfurter

    Wish the prostitutes here could band together and do something similar.  That would teach ‘em!  :)

  • FrannyForward

    love it

  • http://about.me/tizzwall tizz wall

    Fantastic post!  I love your research and the way you present your perspective. Thank you.  Also…”Courtgasm” is rad.  Do it!

  • Polypomp

    I’m glad you approve of the title, and the overall piece.

  • Polypomp

    We prostitutes of the 99% have been waging a war against the 1%, it’s called the occupy movement. While we may not INTENTIONALLY consent to get fucked by the bankers, they sure are having their way with us all.

    Head on down for your local Occupy WallStreet camp, or get in touch with literally thousands of others groups mobilizing across America against the 1%. Like the revolution, join up or die (we won’t kill you, the cops and the bankers will in time though).

  • Polypomp

    Usually some swelling accompanies a good Courtgasm, I’m glad it had the desired effect.

  • Polypomp

    It depends on how you measure “best.” Is it makes the most money with as little effort as possible? Makes the most money quickly? Is it most enjoyable? Most empowering?

    I don’t know if I’d call it “the best,” but I am someone who shys away from any absolute.