March 27th, 2012 | By amity

PlaypenQuickies: Mad Men, Hunger Games, Madonna, Porn and More.


Levin Rambin, sexy Hunger Games actress

The Hunger Games movie premiered over the weekend and Maxim has a lingerie photo shoot with Leven Rambin, one of the actresses.

Are you a Mad Men fan and/or are you a fan of sexy brunette women rolling around and singing in French and/or are you a fan of John Hamm/Don Draper? Well, have I got an article for you: Megan Pare on floor sex with Don Draper.

Bay Area bad-ass Kitty Stryker has a heartbreaking piece about being outed as a sex worker: When Worlds Collide.

Alternet has a piece about the absurd myths that porn teaches about sex. If you read it, leave a comment here with your thoughts!

And in comparison, Pandora Blake, my new brain-crush, has a piece entitled Porn Defies Generalizations.

Speaking of porn, one study in the UK failed spectacularly when researchers were unable to find a single male person in their 20′s who had not viewed pornography.

Find some pearls and grasp them tight, folks, because there’s both a stripper-by-night, reporter-by-day STRIPPER-SLUTBAG-WHORE-OMG on the loose in Houston as well as a dickweed competing reporter who felt the need to write a column about the horrifying sluttitude.

Egypt’s ultra-conservative political party moves to ban porn.

In Australia, the newly-founded Sex Party is picking up votes across the country.

Violet Blue on why the latest headlines in sex pseudoscience are ridiculous.

Oh good, more technological hysteria over PORN, this time from Google rather than Apple! Google’s new app platform Google Play has started banning applications that link to pages that link to content it deems to be pornographic, obscene, or containing nudity or sexual activity… Apparently you can’t just buy an Android phone if you want porn.

How can you go wild and not grind?” That’s the rhetorical question that’s the answer to the meaning of life, right? Madonna’s new video was so grind-ful and wild that Youtube age-restricted it. Watch the video and let us know if you think it merited the 18+ rating.

Woah, Walgreens sells Tenga masturbators? According to Buzzfeed, they’re too excited about the product description.

Generally I’m glad to live in San Francisco, but when I read about events like this I get a sudden yen to go live in New York “…Michelle Tea kicked off the first New York City benefit for RADAR Lab, a free, “queer-centric” retreat for writers and artists.”

And speaking of more awesome events in New York, Ducky Doolittle & the Museum of Sex are hosting a blowjob class this week.

Clarisse Thorn on her new book & her time exploring the Pick Up Artist community (or, as they prefer to be called, the seduction community?). It’s a fascinating read about a cultural phenomenon that has some very troubling aspects as well as about her reactions as a feminist who often feels ostracized by her interest in BDSM.

Not quite news but still interesting to read about: Erotica Cover Watch has closed its (virtual) doors.

Here’s a sexy photoshoot with Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepol.

XO Jane has a great piece on determining whether or not single and poly people’s dating styles would be compatible. It’s also applicable to non-poly relationships, too.

Fifty Shades of Grey, the D/s-Twilight-fanfiction-Mommy-Porn-erotica sensation that’s gripping the nation, is going to be made into a movie. On one hand: hooray for mainstream portrayals and increased awareness of BDSM! On the other hand: could folks have gotten excited about a BDSM book that’s not Twilight fan fiction?

Huh. According to the Daily Mail, cash-strapped couples are spending more time having sex & investing in sex toys, lingerie & the like as the recession lingers & they can’t afford to go out.

Note to fans of Doctor Who: probably best not to click on links from Twitter spammers alleging to share new details about the Doctor’s new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman. After the actress’ name was announced last week, spammers jumped on the #DoctorWho bandwagon advertising Jenna-Louise Coleman sex videos featuring the actress; sadly for scientifically-motivated readers, the links are nothing more than clickjacking spam.

Tumblr finally got wise to users hosting explicit sex videos on the site: the blogging platform’s new TOS specifically ban users from uploading porn in amusing layman’s terms.


  • Clarisse Thorn

    :) Thank you!  I’m actually Clarisse Thorn though, not Thorne.

  • Amity

    Thank you for writing such a fascinating article! I spent a good chunk of yesterday totally sucked into the world of PUAs. And Shoot, what a silly typo! It’s been fixed.

  • tizz wall

    Michelle Tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ahhh why is New York so far away!? 

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  • JenniferMort

    The Alternet piece was really good.  It definitely shows that people should get real sex education instead of having to use porn as their education.  Sex education as well as real communication with their sexual partner.  Expecting a regular woman to behave and look (and have personal grooming habits) like a porno star is the same as expecting your typical guy to have the stamina and package that your average porno guy has.