February 3rd, 2012 | By amity

Playpen Quickies: Strippers, flame wars & TGI Friday.


How quaint: old-timey strippers dressed up as horses (via Bobbi Starr).

Yesterday Popporn taught us how to start a flame war on Twitter. Follow Brooklyn Lee and Popporn on Twitter to see how it went down (and follow Playpen while you’re at it). Here’s the revised flame-starting post.

Sex toys in Nepal!

It’s springtime, which means that Penis and Vagina festivals are happening in Japan.

Nothing says TGI Friday like some semi-naked celebrity boobs. Here are Olivia Wilde’s boobs covered in sheer fabric.

Apparently the upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic will be infinitely less x-rated than any of Linda Lovelace’s actual movies, as Amanda Seyfried has ruled out any full frontal nudity in her career.

More celebrity news: did you know that Vivid’s Steve Hirche and Melissa Rivers are dating? I didn’t know Melissa Rivers existed, but she has a nice approach to questions about the morality of the porn industry, so that’s cool.

Here’s more on the bill that will ban the use of welfare funds at strip clubs and liquor.

Attention models: sign up for Miss Free Ones 2012.

Here’s a piece about the murky industry of penis enlargement in Uganda.

Missouri strip club owners get creative to stay open, legal and fully naked.

Hey-o, the Komen Foundation reversed their decision to defund mammograms for low-income women.  Also related: Planned Parenthood saved my life.

Digital Playground’s Kay Brandt talks about Jewelbox films and her background in theatre and adult entertainment.

No surprises but still depressing: the prudest colleges in the USA. Where prude means ‘purposely keeping legal adults uninformed about medical information.’

Need a creative way woo your beloved on Valentine’s Day? Nothing says I love you like extra information about the mating habits of giraffes, sequential hermaphroditism, projectile urinating porcupines and killer mating ferrets.

Fleur De Lis contemplates the exploitation of men in the porn industry.

Hentai for good: here’s an interview with a tentacle porn anthologist whose work will benefit charity (via io9).