January 17th, 2012 | By amity

Playpen Quickies: What We’re Reading Today


Happy Tuesday, Playpen readers! Here’s a sampling of all the best links from my plethora of sex-related Google Alerts today.

The LA City Council is expected to vote today on the mandatory condom law, which would require condom use on all adult film sets in the city.

Apparently Tampa, Florida isn’t the Strip Club Capitol of the US (though the city does have a strip club topped with a giant silver space ship, pictured to the left, so they’re already winning that battle.). Who knew? Plan your next vacation accordingly, folks.

What a surprise: GOP candidates vow to ban porn.

This grabbed my attention because my definition of naughty and Jello-O’s definition of naughty are SO very different. Also, I’d love to see their special kiosk re-imagined for selling actual naughtiness. Dildo vending machine, anyone? Jell-O Goes Naughty.

Top Five Taboo Sex Scenes on film: a list of films to add to your Netflix queue. Share your top five in the comments!

Apparently, according to the Museum of Sex, the clitoris wasn’t fully discovered until 2009? Really? (via io9)

Bonus video: veteran sex educator Betty Dodson draws a clitoris. Is it weird that I think her final drawing would make a great Valentine’s Day card?

I know, it’s the anthesis of #ToplessTuesday, but I’ve got to share this wealth of cringe-inducing links, as today is apparently a big news day for penises (peni?) of the world:

A San Diego sailor was awarded 7.5 million dollars in recompense for, among other things, the pain and suffering caused by loosing 1.5 inches of his penis in reconstructive surgery.

In China, a young mother attempted to turn her newborn son into the daughter she’d wished for by removing his penis with scissors.

Apparently, penis jokes are A-OK with the FCC at the Golden Globes.

Kate Beckinsale plays lots of penis pranks on her family. In this interview with Conan O’Brien she also has really bouncy hair.

And oh no! Condom sales slump in Poland.

Did we miss anything? Share your favorite sexy news stories in the comments.