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Playpen Quickies: We’re Reading about Penis Cake This Wednesday


Happy Wednesday, today we’re talking about penises. And sex toys. And porn sticks and fantasies and obscenity.

Miley has her cake and eats it too.

Oh Miley Cyrus. That’s a very nice penis cake you made. You’re all grown up now, I guess, posing with edible johnsons.

What I want to know is why websites feel the need to censor pictures of an object shaped like a penis. That cake is not bona fide genitalia, you know?

I can’t even come up with something witty for this: NYPD cop is accused of being a flasher and uses his circumcised penis as his defense.

Gizmodo confirms that Fleshlight is developing a fuckable iPad case.

Meanwhile, in Missouri, the police department of Carthage was forced to issue an apology for posting a penis picture to their Facebook page.

Speaking of phallic objects, here’s a lovely list of Fairytale-inspired sex toys.

And speaking of items named like phallic objects, the $100 Porn Stick can detect whether or not there are pornographic images and videos on your computer. No word on whether or not it knows amateur from professional work.

In semi-non-phallic news, the SFBG brings us photos Hipstamatic-flavoured photos of the AVN awards, while Co-Ed magazine brings us a list of sexy Twitter pictures from the AVN awards.

In the category of No Duh news, Porn Stars have fantasies!

One of Playpen’s favorite bloggers, Fleur de Lis, is on HuffPo today.

Baltimore’s City Paper interviews a guerilla suspension team about their public antics and how their lives have been affected by BDSM and rigging.

Genderqueer superstar Jiz Lee talks about sex work and consent.


  • http://twitter.com/MeSoJames James Johnston

    Jiz Lee and an ipad case with a fleshlight. Priceless!

  • par

    at-least she knows to play with the balls..

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